A Book of Ideas

AUTHOR: Robin McAlpine

DATE: 7 October 2015

ISBN: 9780993096532


PAGES: 178

The focus of this book is simple. There’s a Scottish election in May 2016 which will elect a five-year government; so what could that government do over those five years using the powers the Scottish Parliament has (or is likely to have) to create an ‘all of us first’ society?

This book attempts to end the excuse that we can’t do things differently in Scotland; that we don’t have the power to change things, that ‘aye been’ is somehow good enough, and that competent management is the extent of our hopes and aspirations.

Demand ideas—because ideas shape the future.  And Scotland and its people really do deserve a better future.

This book is based on Common Weal policy papers which can be found at allofusfirst.

We thank all of those who have given their time to work on Common Weal policy reports. Special thanks for comment and guidance on specific sections of this book to: Iain Cairns, Gemma Bone, Oliver Escobar, Neil Lawson, Isobel Lindsay, Gordon Morgon, Stephen Elstub, Katherine Trebeck, Iain Black, Deirdrie Shaw, Pete Ritchie, Lesley Orr, Willie Sullivan, Andrew Cumbers, Geoff Whitham, Robert McMaster, Laurie McFarlane, David Comerford, Alexander Schwenk, Liz Murray, David Carr, Callum MacDonald, Duncan McCan, Peter McColl, Katie Gallogly-Swan, John Davis, Emma Ritch, Mike Danson, Gordon Maloney, Joe Brady, Scottish Human Rights Commission, Malcolm Fraser, and Policy Lab attendees on education and early years.