From “The Story of our Lighthouses and Lightships” by W.H. Davenport Adams, 1891. This content is part of the preservation of the TAMH Project. When Mr Robert Stevenson made his first landing on the rock in 1800, he discovered in almost every chink and cranny painful proofs of the sad disasters of which it had […]

THIS FOOTAGE MUST NOT BE USED WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION Over the past eight or so months I’ve traveled around Scotland, usually getting up at offensively early times to get good light. I wanted to make a film which really shows what a beautiful country Scotland is. Living in Edinburgh, we’re fortunate to have some truly […]

This is an overview written by Kate Macdonald from the Kildonan Museum. Please visit the museum’s website for more information here. South Uist has been the subject of a comprehensive programme of archaeological survey and excavation over the last fifteen years, with a number of Universities collaborating in the Sheffield Environmental and Archaeological Research Campaign in […]

The deck fan of the Queensferry Crossing Centre Tower has entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest freestanding balanced cantilever structure ever constructed. The 644m structure will eventually be connected to the north and south towers to form the Queensferry Crossing bridge between Edinburgh and Fife in Scotland. Drone footage credited to Multi Rotor Camera.

The Scottish ballad of Bessie Bell and Mary Gray tells the story of two young women, both daughters of Perthshire lairds, who retreated to a bower in the woods to avoid the plague in 1645, but later succumbed to it when a male companion brought the disease to their doorstep during one of his visits. Some […]

In 2009, Pringle of Scotland commissioned artist David Shrigley to create a humorous short animated film about life behind-the-scenes at Pringle to celebrate its return to Milan Fashion Week. The animation below was showcased during Pringle of Scotland’s menswear show in Milan in January 2010 — it’s an amusing take on the making of jumpers […]

Courtesy of Alexanders of Scotland Alexanders (Kirkburn Mills) Ltd was first establish many decades ago by the Smith family of Thomas Smith & Co., to cement their presence from 1850 at their new Kirkburn Mills plant in Peterhead. The company was founded in the year 1818 by two brothers, Thomas and Joshua Smith, who were […]

From the British Council Film Department Catalogue Three overseas servicemen take a tour of the Royal Mile – visiting the sights between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, and learning about the sometimes gruesome history of Scotland. ‘A tour of Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood House and the intervening ‘Royal Mile’. Here lived Robert Burns, John Knox, and […]

Courtesy Caledonian MacBrayne CalMac Ferries Ltd (CFL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of David MacBrayne Ltd, which is wholly owned by Scottish Ministers. Previously operating as Caledonian MacBrayne Ltd, CalMac was created in October 2006 to bid for the Scottish Government contract to operate Clyde & Hebrides Ferry Services, which it subsequently won. At the same […]

The Scottish poorhouse, occasionally referred to as a workhouse, provided accommodation for the destitute and poor in Scotland. The first steps taken by the Scottish Parliament regarding arrangements for poor relief were enacted in a 1424 statute segregating vagrants into two categories: those fit enough to be able to work or those who were not […]

by Michael Hyatt, The Thomas Neilson Way Our company has a long and fascinating history. The story begins in Scotland with the birth of Thomas Neilson [sic] in 1780. Though his parents were farmers, he developed an interest in printing, the most high-tech industry of the 18th century. As a result, his parents sent him […]

The petition and the report of the minister are in the Hargrett Rare Book Collection. You can download the full document here: Hargrett_Manuscripts Many accounts of the Scots settlers in Georgia make much of their efforts to prohibit the introduction of negro slaves to the Colony. This is portrayed as a function of their liberty-loving […]

by Douglas MacKenzie | The Clearances Thatched houses were common throughout the Highlands at the time of the Clearances. A few have been preserved, or purpose-built as museums such as the two in the picture from Colbost on Skye and in Argyll. The earliest form of the building, the taigh dubh or black house, would […]

Cockenzie’s iconic chimneys were demolished by Controlled explosion on Saturday 26th September, changing the skyline around East Lothian and the Forth forever. Scottish Power captured the moments leading up to the button press, speaking to former workers at the station and local residents before the chimneys were brought together for the first and last time. […]

SOURCE: – Ghost stations is the usual English translation for the German word Geisterbahnhöfe. This term was used to describe certain stations on Berlin’s U-Bahn and S-Bahn metro networks that were closed during the period of Berlin’s division during the Cold War. Since then, the term has come to be used to describe any […]