About 40 miles north of Aberdeen you’ll find the remains of the historic fishing village of Pennan reborn as a quaint holiday retreat bustling with activity, especially during the summer months. This picturesque area is also known as “Ferness, that place where Local Hero was filmed” by locals and tourists alike. (See the 1983 official movie trailer here). We […]

Picturesque South Queensferry is a beautiful waterfront town about 10 miles from Edinburgh city centre. The most noticeable (and photographed) feature here is the Forth Bridge, which is visible from most any point. About four years ago, in the early stages of the construction of the new Forth road crossing, Mesolithic & Neolithic settlements were […]

In poor condition and at high risk of further deterioration, the most notable structure in Fishtown of Usan is its lookout tower, which now lacks both a roof and floors. This 13th century settlement was once a bustling, lively fishing community with single story cottages and a thriving fishing trade. Situated on a bay in […]