The Am Baile website is a culture and heritage resource for the Scottish Highlands and Islands that has been in existence in some form or another since 2000. In addition to being a very well-loved and maintained database full of priceless information, Am Baile offers a unique built-in feature its visitors simply adore — the […]

Bothies are a great way for groups of 5 or less to seek shelter from the elements while visiting remote areas and enjoying the glorious Scottish outdoors. Bothies are a wonderful example of community teamwork and when everyone follows basic guidelines, visiting one is almost always a pleasant experience. Bothies are simple structures that lack […]

First Person View (FPV) flying is also sometimes referred to as Remote Person View (RPV) flying because it involves the remote control of aerial vehicles from a pilot’s perspective captured through an onboard camera. Pilots can use a traditional or handheld monitor, smartphone or even wireless goggles to see and control their unmanned aerial vehicles […]

Have you ever taken a drive through the Scottish countryside and come upon a dilapidated structure and wondered what led to its demise? Or have you heard tales about historical estates but don’t exactly know where they once stood? There are many reasons Scottish estates have fallen to ruin during the 20th century and Dr. […]

Women in Scottish History, or WISH, is a project funded and developed by the University of Guelph, and it’s a fascinating effort that originally launched in 2000. The WISH database strives to collect and maintain four types of Scottish records, including: – Bibliographies of Scottish Women – Biographies of Scottish women – Documents relating to […]

SITE OF THE DAY | Martin McCarthy has been taking photographs of Scotland’s landscape since 1993 and selflessly documenting Scotland’s ancient sites online since 1995. Based out of Glasgow, McCarthy left his computer business to become a full-time photographer in 2007. McCarthy’s story is evidence that when people follow their passions, all of us benefit. […]

Four Scottish photographers with a common vision to document Scotland’s stories and history teamed up in 2012 to establish Document Scotland — a project and website of such significance¬† that we believe it’s a website best introduced as a gift to Scotland and those that love her. The project features a wondrous collection of portfolios […]

The Highlands Astronomical Society (HAS) began like most astronomy clubs do, with a small group of passionate star-gazers meeting up in a living room or in a remote parking lot late at night to observe the world above. In 1994, HAS was born from the logical merger of two groups – the Moray Astronomical Society […]

Our selection for Site-of-the-Day today fills us with hope and makes us so proud of Scotland. From the construction of emergency shelters in Kosovo in 1999 to the delivery of 7 tons of medical aid in Gaza in 2015, Edinburgh Direct Aid has accepted the challenge of delivering humanitarian assistance since 1992. Headquartered in a […]

Founded by Helen and Paul Webster in 2006, the Walk Highlands website features more than 1,900 awe-inspiring, spectacular walking routes all over Scotland. In this easy-to-navigate directory, journeys can be planned by location with routes available in the Highlands, Islands, and Lowlands. The database can further match your requirements based on options such as walking […]

A Wee Bit of Cooking is an appealing Scottish food blog created and maintained by¬†Wendy Harrison, a teacher living in the Highlands. Wendy has a passion for cooking food, growing food, sourcing food and, of course, eating food. And because she’s been blogging since 2007, her list of recipes is splendidly long. But, this site […]