Since 1976, the Poyntzfield Herb Nursery on the Black Isle in the Scottish Higlands has been growing organic herbs that originate from all over the world, including plants native to Scotland. Whether you’re new to gardening or fussy about the source of your plants, Poyntzfield has something to offer everyone.

This exotic nursery is “surrounded by sea lochs, hills and mountains” and propagates “only from plants known to have hardiness, health vigour resistance to pests and diseases, good scent, colour and flavour.”

While the core purpose of the site it to promote its nursery, its online catalogue includes a wealth of information on over 400 varieties, including culinary and aromatic herbs, medicinal herbs, plants native to Scotland, cooking herbs, hedging, shrubs, trees, ground cover and even plants suitable for greenhouses or bees and butterflies. “We grow all the plants and almost all the seeds that we offer for sale, here in the herb garden,” say the owners.

Lists on this site include the common name, Gaelic name (where possible), and Latin name for each plant, as well as an estimated plant height so you can plan your garden. Visitors can select to buy seeds, bulbs or plants and items are shipped out every Tuesday to all parts of the UK. A quick FAQ section provides answers to all your shipping questions, including international orders.

The video below provides a quick overview of the property.
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