Crovie remains one of the oldest preserved fishing villages in all of Europe and it’s located on the coast about an hour away from the centre of Aberdeen. A single row of cottages hug the cliffs and form a picturesque view along a narrow water front walkway. You can’t get any further off the beaten path without packing your own tent, and the drive here is one of the most relaxing road trips you’ll ever take.

While it’s possible for residents to bring a vehicle down to sea-level, tourists and visitors are strongly encouraged to make use of the parking lot at the top of the cliff and walk down. Signs will remind you to park up high, but you won’t regret it — the view from up top is absolutely fantastic.

Crovie was founded at a time when the only way to reach it was by boat. During a brutal storm in January 1953, much of Crovie was destroyed by 18-foot waves, forcing many of its residents to relocate to nearby villages.

Today, many of the cottages in Crovie are open for short holiday stays.

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