The Green Party have boosted their membership numbers by around 7,000 in 2 days, leaving UKIP and the Lib Dems in their wake and emphasising why they should be included in the upcoming TV debates. All of this despite democracy being shutdown across Scotland and the rest of the UK, as a dictatorial media misuses its carte blanche license to ride roughshod over the electorate and dictate the terms of debate. The Green and SNP parties have been excluded from the proposed influential TV leaders debates. This has sparked a reaction in Green Party membership as over 2,000 joined the party on Thursday followed by a stunning 5,000 on Friday.

As of midnight, an incredible membership surge for the Green Party across the United Kingdom has allowed them to breach the 50,000 mark. This breaks down across their devolved parties as 41,365 In England and Wales, 8,275 in Scotland and 360 in Northern Ireland. They have overtaken UKIP (41,966 members) and the Lib Dems (44,576) in size. Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Greens in England and Wales commented,

there was an hour yesterday when a new person was joining every 10 seconds.”

Despite the impressive surge in support, the Green Party has not been considered by Ofcom to be prominent enough to qualify for airtime during pilloried electoral TV debates ahead of the general election this May.

The SNP are already the 3rd largest political party in the UK (93k+) and also have 3 times the number of UKIP MPs as well as polls predicting another 30-40 in May. Yet UKIP is included in the televised debates and SNP is excluded.

In a logical piece of analysis conducted by Wings Over Scotland, Stuart Campbell proved that prohibiting the SNP from crucial TV exposure time could not be justified by reason. This can only mean something more sinister is behind the decision. Stuart went on to say:

“… there are NO defensible grounds for any debate which includes the Lib Dems or UKIP but exclude the SNP”

The record breaking Green momentum in itself shows the influence of media coverage as the surge was instigated by media comments that the Greens were on the verge of overtaking Farage’s UKIP.

Ofcom has a statutory duty to represent the interests of citizens and consumers by promoting competition and fairness. So far they have done the polar opposite and shown scant disregard for both fact and citizens. Both the Greens and the SNP remain unjustifiably disadvantaged and snubbed from the TV debates. The Scottish electorate will not forgive their lack of democracy and blatant bias.

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