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We got our hands on a rare interview originally aired in Alaska. Grab a cup of tea and listen to a great conversation. The audio isn’t studio quality, but the content is fantastic.

FROM THE ANCHORAGE OBSERVER ARCHIVES: Portugal. The Man is an American indie rock band currently residing in Portland, Oregon, but originally from the Matsu Valley. The group released its first two albums with Fearless Records. They also released material on their own imprint, Approaching AIRballoons through the label Equal Vision Records. They signed with Atlantic Records on April 2, 2010. Since then, they’ve released In the Mountain in the Cloud (2011) and are at present working on a new album expected to be released early in 2013.

The recording below is an unedited Skype conversation between our music editor, James Le Mausier (Manchester, England) and band member Zachary Carothers (Portland, Oregon). We are pleased to present such a raw and honest snapshot of an Alaskan band that refuses to lose touch with the communities, friends and families that continue to support them.

Listen to Portugal.The Man “Modern Jesus”