Last night Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, King of Saudi Arabia, died. Tributes have gone out to him from many world leaders and flags on UK gov buildings are flying at half mast. I would argue that this show of “respect” is a disgrace and highlights everything that’s wrong with the global elite.

Let’s make no bones about it, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz was an evil human being and his treatment by the media and politicians is an affront to decency.

David Cameron said he would be remembered for his “commitment to peace and for strengthening understanding between faiths”, Tony Blair said “he was loved by his people and will be deeply missed” and Prince Charles is to fly to Saudi Arabia to “pay his respects.”

The man was murderously homophobic, archaic in his punishment and more misogynist than UKIP, the BNP and internet Trolls combined. So why is he being treated like a decent human being whose passing should be mourned?

The global elite always treat each other with a deep degree of respect, except when they’ve specifically hurt each other. To our lords and masters the horror and cruelty he has inflicted on his own people is irrelevant because he opened up trade-roots and was quite nice to them at dinners. This murderous little tyrant even received a gold medal for “contributions to intercultural understanding” from the UN.

Given the recent “global solidarity” with Charlie Hebdo over free speech issues you’d think the elite would be less inclined to praise a man who’s killed many people for speaking and flogged and imprisoned countless others.

So raise your flags to full mast, a tyrant has died today not a great statesman.

Edit: Fortunately we’re not the only ones who have this opinion.