The Am Baile website is a culture and heritage resource for the Scottish Highlands and Islands that has been in existence in some form or another since 2000. In addition to being a very well-loved and maintained database full of priceless information, Am Baile offers a unique built-in feature its visitors simply adore — the site can be read in Gaelic or English and it’s easy to switch between the two languages at any time.

This impressive online collection can be browsed quickly by subject through its logical directory that makes it easy to narrow down the topics. Subjects include everything from archeology and the clearances to oral traditions and trade. You can also search by the type of results you’re seeking, such as multimedia, image or just text.

An impressive searchable database of regional newspaper stories is also available and it includes the archives from the following publications and time periods:

The Inverness Journal (1807 – 1849)
John O′ Groat Journal (1836 – 1887)
The Inverness Advertiser (1849 – 1885)
Scottish Highlander (1885 – 1898)
Inverness Courier (1879, 1898 – 1901, 1920-1939)
Gairm (1952-2002)

Visit the webite here: Am Baile