If you’re looking for an interactive map of all the pubs within view of Edinburgh Castle, you’re in luck. In 2013, a group of friends came up with the brilliant idea one night and went forward to invest at least a year into making it a reality.

“On a regular Tuesday night at the boozer at the end of May we decided it would be a great idea to visit all the pubs within a mile of Edinburgh Castle, just because we wanted to know which pubs you could see the castle from, and the only way to prove it was to visit each one. We set ourselves a generous date of the end of May 2014 to get them all ticked off. After all, there couldn’t be that many, right? It turns out there are at least 240 pubs,” say the map creators.

“We finished visiting a total of 273 pubs in 49 weeks, just under our target of a year. Looking back now, it’s a good job we had two monster pub crawls in December and February, or we’d not have finished. Mind you, had we stuck to the rules we set out with and hadn’t visited hotel bars, we might have been done sooner.”

There are three colours used for markers on the map. The green markers represent pubs the team has already visited and they include information such as the name of the pub, the price of beer, and other useful tags such as dog-friendly, live music, wi-fi, darts or outdoor seating (just to name a few, there’s a lot of other useful information on this map).

The gold markers represent all the pubs the team has yet to visit and these markers include useful details such as previous names of the facility, such as the Good Brothers Wine Bar used to be known as the Bon Vivant Stockbridge and the Salt Horse was once the Blackfriars.

The red markers are for pubs that have been excluded as traditional pubs for various reasons. For example, the Skybar has great views of the castle, but it’s only open once a month. Bars with fees at the door or those that appear to be more of a restaurant than a pub are also excluded, but you can still see them on the map.

The map is located here: Brewmook Map

And the companion blog which is crammed full of details can be found here: Brewmook Blog