Four Scottish photographers with a common vision to document Scotland’s stories and history teamed up in 2012 to establish Document Scotland — a project and website of such significance¬† that we believe it’s a website best introduced as a gift to Scotland and those that love her.

The project features a wondrous collection of portfolios that will keep you busy clicking through for awhile, so be sure you aren’t at work when you begin! Some of our favourite collections include images of North Sea fishing, Scottish Independence, and Andy Scott (the sculptor who created the Kelpies). Guest photographers are also encouraged to submit work. “We are keen to hear from other Scottish photographers, or photographers working in Scotland, and to see your documentary work,” says Document Scotland.

documenting1ABOVE: Bruce, Edinburgh, September 2014 © Sophie Gerrard 2014 all rights reserved.

The four founding members include Colin McPherson, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Stephen McLaren and Sophie Gerrard.

Colin McPherson was born in Edinburgh, but his work is published internationally. McPherson has been featured in over 30 exhibitions and his contribution to Document Scotland includes the exhibition The Ties That Bind.

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert‘s passion for photography began when he was 13. His love of photography has taken him to more than 80 countries and his work has been featured in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Stephen McLaren began his professional career as a photographer after a successful run with the BBC. His work can be found in international publications as well as in the UK. McLaren is a co-editor of Street Photography Now, a book published by Thames & Hudson in 2010.

Sophie Gerrard has received several awards for her work and is featured and exhibited widely both in and outside the UK. Gerrard has a passion for photography with environmental or social themes. Her extraordinary work can be found in high-profile publications such as The Guardian and Financial Times.

documenting2ABOVE: A musician with flaming bagpipes leads a spontaneous march to mobilise support for a pro-independence vote on the day of the independence referendum, Craigmillar, Edinburgh © Colin McPherson 2014 all rights reserved.

All the photography on Document Scotland is available for use. “We license our work for newspapers, magazines and books, in the printed media and online. The photography can also be purchased for commercial purposes as well as for exhibitions and installations,” states Document Scotland on its website.

You can visit the site here: Document Scotland