Our selection for Site-of-the-Day today fills us with hope and makes us so proud of Scotland. From the construction of emergency shelters in Kosovo in 1999 to the delivery of 7 tons of medical aid in Gaza in 2015, Edinburgh Direct Aid has accepted the challenge of delivering humanitarian assistance since 1992.

eda8Headquartered in a humble warehouse on the south side of West Harbour road, its dedicated team of volunteers work selflessly behind the scenes to collect, organize, pack and prepare an ever-changing assortment of goods. These packages are then loaded onto pallets where they remain until delivery can be sorted.

eda3The team at Edinburgh Direct Aid works for free. In fact, since becoming an official registered charity, it has survived nearly 24 years exclusively on the kindness of its volunteers. The only exception to this is when it hires locals to assist with distribution in destination countries.


Some projects Edinburgh Direct Aid has been involved with include:

– Home reconstruction, including 150 homes in Biljani, 56 homes in Bosanski Krupa, 109 homes in Martin Brod, and 957 homes in Skenderaj
– The repair and reconstruction of various schools and clinics
– The founding of the Christine Witcutt Centre Day-Care Centre in Sarajevo, a centre for children with special needs.
– Palestine aid delivery, including textbooks for West Bank schools
– Sri Lank aid delivery, including two very large containers of goods
– Kashmir earthquake relief, including delivery of more than 2,500 wood-burning stoves brought in by helicopter and mule
– Swat Valley displacement relief
– Gaza bombing relief

eda1Most recently, Edinburgh Direct Aid sent relief to refugees as they arrived at the PIKPA Refugee Camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. This is what they were able to afford to send:

    • 2 months supply of fresh food/vegetables, chickens and eggs
    • 3 months supply of olive oil/cooking oil
    • A water filtration system to create a supply point in the camp for clean, safe drinking water
    • Basic medicines and dressings
    • Cement and aggregate to construct wheelchair ramps to provide access for the disabled


eda9To learn more, visit Edinburgh Direct Aid.