First Person View (FPV) flying is also sometimes referred to as Remote Person View (RPV) flying because it involves the remote control of aerial vehicles from a pilot’s perspective captured through an onboard camera. Pilots can use a traditional or handheld monitor, smartphone or even wireless goggles to see and control their unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Whether you just purchased your first radio controlled aircraft or you consider yourself an expert, FPV Scotland is a community open to everyone from all experience levels. The community is heavily supported by Kool Toys model shop who keep all the latest and newest gear in stock, along with spare parts.

“The community covers all FPV disciplines including Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, long distance flying, aerobatic freestyle flying, aerial imagery/videography and racing,” say group managers. “We are sure you will find something that suits your interests. We try to have regular meetups as often as we can to help bring our online friendships into the real world and put faces to the names. It is also a good excuse to go flying!”

The website includes a handy pilot map to see where all of your new geeky friends live, as well as excellent locations for flying. You can also register as a pilot, find a racing group or join the community forum.

Find them here at FPV Scotland