high_sea_hobbit_1_(3)SITE OF THE DAY | This is how grown-ups run away. If you ever want to flee from it all and crawl into hole, but don’t want to give up picturesque views or daily luxuries, this is the place to run to. The High Seas Hobbit is situated on a small family-owned farm in Aberdeenshire, just a short distance from Fraserburgh and Banff.

Not only will you find refuge here, there’s enough room inside these hobbit homes to bring your family with you as well — considering they aren’t the reason why you’re running away. You can even bring your dog on this unusual rural adventure, an experience that rates somewhere between quirky and luxury, perhaps possibly both all at once. Even the outhouse is award-winning, having nabbed the Loo of the Year Award in 2012. Its modern plumbing is tucked away inside a disused whisky barrel reclaimed from one of Scotland’s distilleries.

The sleeping areas also include enough space for cozy dining, or long, dreamy naps, all within sight of the beautiful Moray Firth. If you’re truly set on running away from it all, you’d be hard pressed to find a location that better helps you find yourself again… and maybe a bit of your carefree youth, too.


“High Seas Hobbits appeal to travellers seeking a genuine, rural experience with additional luxuries and our flair for creativity. Our site gives you the chance to experience natural peace and quiet,” say owners Matthew and Carole. “We are lucky and extremely proud to live in such an unspoilt naturally beautiful area and are passionate about sharing it with others.”