Whether you’re a tourist eager for a taste of Scotland, or a local hunting for a pub for grub and beer, Lunchquest is full of recommendations and tips devoted to helping you find the ideal place that can accommodate your dining desires.

The founders of this website are graduates from the University of Edinburgh, with one holding a PhD in poetry, and the other in English Literature. Since 2011 they’ve been joyfully munching their way through restaurants, cafes, bars and shops all over Edinburgh and various locations throughout the greater region.

Venues are rated using the same criteria for food, presentation, setting and service. How does the food taste and does it look appetizing? What’s the atmosphere and how is the service?

“Some places might serve knockout food, but are a little down-at-heel, so are perhaps not where you might wish to go for an intimate interlude. Equally, some very swish places serve very mediocre grub, so you might prefer to go there for a light snack or just drinks,” Lunchquest states. “We try to eat out or get takeaway from as many different places as the bank manager will allow, then take pictures of what we’re served, and offer a few words to describe things.”

Those with a smartphone operating on iOS 7.0 or later can download the Lunchquest app here to:

• Find reviews of the nearest restaurants
• Browse, search and filter over 600 reviews
• Use interactive maps
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Cullen Skink from Epicures of Hyndland
Cullen Skink from Epicures of Hyndland
Wrap & Salad from Moon and Hare.
Wrap & Salad from Moon and Hare.
Desserts from Bindi.