motor6If you’ve ever dreamed of touring Scotland on a motorcycle, Motorcycle Scotland is the absolute go-to source for planning your trips as well as sharing your biking experiences. This robust site packs it in with detailed guides full of all the best bits of information needed to make any road tour simply magnificent.

All regions of Scotland are covered and all routes are nicely grouped into North East, North West, Central, South East and South West. You’ll find plenty of trip options here, and certainly too many good roads to name. There isn’t a bad direction. All journeys wind you through top-notch scenery of mountainous terrain,  rolling farmland, or pristine rivers and lochs.

motor10“Scotland has to rank as one of the real contenders for a truly great biking country. Amazing scenery, diverse countryside, thousands of miles of quiet, yet stunning roads,” say site owners.  “The weather is not always great, but the ride and your visit will make it well worth it. That is a promise.”

The routes have themes, too. The Burns Country Run begins in Dumfries where you can kick off your 162-mile trip with a visit to the Robert Burns House. This selection will take you to the steps of the Robert Burns Castle, the Robert Burns Center and the Burns Birthplace Museum.

motor4Other routes are equally enticing — The Nessie’s Hook, The Bruce Run, The Dickie Bow — just to name a few. One 208-mile trip is aptly named Whisky Runs Through It because it guides travelers through the Cairngorm National Park to no less than 6 whisky distilleries and a beer brewery. We wonder if anyone has actually made the trip in a single day…

If you’d rather skip the motorcycle trip and just enjoy the photos, Motorcycle Scotland features an excellent community built image gallery. You can reach the website here.