Founded by Helen and Paul Webster in 2006, the Walk Highlands website features more than 1,900 awe-inspiring, spectacular walking routes all over Scotland. In this easy-to-navigate directory, journeys can be planned by location with routes available in the Highlands, Islands, and Lowlands. The database can further match your requirements based on options such as walking difficulty, with Grade 1 routes listed as the easiest and Grade 5 the most challenging. You can also select the minimum or maximum distance you’d like to walk.


The ability to search walking routes based on features makes this database an invaluable tool, especially for photographers or tourists seeking a specific experience. By ticking boxes, you can narrow your search results to display paths that will take you within view of castles, waterfalls, distilleries, lighthouses, rivers, beaches, nature reserves and even industrial heritage sites.

Walk Highlands also offers a rich interactive user experience in its busy online forum. On average, there appears to be a steady stream of approximately 100 users logged in at any hour of the day. They share conversations on subjects such photography, gear and equipment, wildlife sightings and even items they’ve lost or found out in the hills.

Other sections of this site that make it one of Scotland’s busiest outdoor websites include a GPS planner, a skills and safety section, an accommodation guide and news that updates about once or twice a week.

The team responsible for making this site a success include:

Cameron McNeish – Covering the political side of the outdoors
Ben Dolphin – Covering natural history & the environment
Peter Macfarlane – Covering gear, equipment & photography
David Lintern – Covering features & photography
Linda Cracknell – Covering culture & landscape
Chris Townsend – Covering features & photography
Phil Turner – Covering gear reviews & walking guides
Alec MacDonald – Covering Gaelic pronunciation & audio features