At coordinates 58 18.725 by 006 43.258, at a spot where hikers will discover a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean, there sits the oldest geocache in the Western Isles. It’s called “I Think I Can See Texas from Here” — aptly named because it was placed on 5th December 2003 by someone who carried it all the way from San Antonio, Texas. Its original box once contained items such as an armadillo key chain and a “Don’t Mess With Texas” refrigerator magnet, among other interesting items all related to Texas.

The geocache is now 13 years old, but it’s not the most difficult to find. That title goes to the geocache tucked away in South Harris, which originally took 265 days for the first person to find. It’s called the China Connection and it’s said to be hiding in a “moonlike landscape” where enthusiastic searchers need rugged footwear and plenty of stamina to locate it. To date, only a few lucky people have found it.

There are a total of 184 caches in the Western Isles and the Western Isles Geocaching website has information on all of them. Caches can be found on Lewis and Harris, Uists and Barra and St. Kilda. The also site includes a list of cache owners by region and a list of fun facts.

Probably as much fun as finding a cache is creating and naming one. Some creative names include the Media Mayhem, The Islands at the Edge of the World, Barra Girl Heaven, The Listening Place, Do You Know You’re Being Watched and The Wedding Cache, among others.

Western Isles Geocaching also provides links other Geocaching sites in the UK. You’ll find everything here at Western Isles Geocaching.