Jim Murphy is in snake oil salesman overdrive as he pulls the many political levers of deceit at his disposal, in order to convince Scotland that the Labour Party has genuine autonomy in Scotland. He wants us to be convinced they are committed to Scotland’s best interests and have magically transformed into a completely different organisation from the one they were last week. Despite the platitudes of Murphy, they have not.

In a sycophantic Scotsman interview, typical of the mainstream media compliance all too common in Scotland, Murphy was free to use their pages for a party political broadcast where misinformation relating to changes to the Labour constitution went unchallenged by ‘interviewer’ Tom Peterkin.

There will clearly be no radical reform whatsoever on behalf of the electorate, if there was they would surely be telling us what it is. Jim Murphy will only provide spin and bluff, aided by his new recruit, spindoctor John McTernan. Only last week we covered his mansion tax V’s 1,000 nurses gaff. Incredibly, ‘journalist’ Peterkin actually does McTernan’s job for him by stating:

Jim Murphy yesterday moved Scottish Labour away from its historic commitment to the UK by proposing a new constitution signaling that the party is open to supporters of independence.”

Peterkin’s opening gambit (which he felt the need to print twice) to frame the interview clearly states that significant change has actually happened releasing Labour in Scotland from the UK thanks to a Murphy proposition. This is of course not true and actually a preposterous lie, as we will explain later.

Clause 4 is the part of the British Labour Party constitution where they set out there aims and principles and dates from 1918. It was this clause that Tony Blair changed in 1993 that effectively changed Labour into the Red Tories of ‘New’ Labour. The difference between both of these texts can be viewed here.

The Scottish Labour Party is a democratic socialist party rooted in social justice, which seeks to represent the people of Scotland. It believes that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone, so as to create for each of us the means to realise our true potential and for all of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many not the few; where the rights we enjoy reflect the duties we owe and where we live together freely, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect.

To these ends we work for the patriotic interest of the people of Scotland:

–         For the success of a permanent and powerful Scottish Parliament.

–         Decisions on policy that is devolved to the Scottish Parliament will be decided by the Scottish Labour Party.

–         In common purpose with all parts of the Labour Party and Labour Movement across the UK for the advancement of Scotland’s interests and the benefit of all.

–         With the Scottish people to create policy in Scotland for a just society, a prosperous economy, a vibrant cultural life, and a more sustainable, democratic Scotland.

–          With others, across the UK and internationally, to unlock the potential of all and to create a fairer society.

Scottish Labour will work towards these aims with trade unions and the co-operative movement, and also with voluntary organisations, consumer groups and other representative bodies.

On the basis of these principles, Scottish Labour seeks the trust of the Scottish people to govern.’

  • There is no such political party as ‘The Scottish Labour Party’
  • Labour may indeed have ‘roots’ in social justice. Their policy and voting patterns of the last 2 decades proves this is no longer the case and claims of ‘democratic socialist’ are not compatible with such a right-wing organisation.
  • Murphy has no power to enact change to their constitution, which is decided by Labour’s National Executive in London.
  • Murphy has no power to decouple Labours Scottish branch office from the UK Labour. Indeed, his proposed text does not even remotely attempt to do this.
  • Labour will remain being controlled from London.
  • There is no constitutional change happening as Labour in Scotland is an administrative branch with no policy control; it is not an independent party.
  • Nothing in the interview that proposes anything positive to independence supporters.
  • To state ‘power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many not the few’ is an admission of their own failure of recent governance.
  • To ‘work for the patriotic interest of the people of Scotland’ is just a meaningless undefined device and particularly incompatible from a unionist party.
  • Even if the suggested text was written into The Labour Party British constitution, absolutely nothing will have changed, as it promises absolutely nothing.

It seems there is just no end to the meaningless platitudes that spout from Murphy, and here is some of his gems to back up his plans.

Our values, renewed today, are those of the Scottish people.”

After today, the whole of Scotland will be in no doubt that Scottish Labour will always put Scotland first”

the majority who voted Yes to get rid of the Tories now have a clear path to get rid of the Tories”

we will find additional resources that the SNP can’t or won’t reach.”

In Scottish politics there are more than two teams. But in the UK election there is one or the other. It is Cameron in or Cameron out.”

motorists notice and enjoy the huge cuts in the price of petrol in the forecourt. As I was driving down here it was £1.06 for unleaded, the cut in petrol price on the forecourts would be matched by cuts in schools and hospitals and communities.”

Ed and I talk a lot. But he doesn’t consult me and he doesn’t seek my permission on policy that only applies to England and Wales, and I don’t need his clearance for policy that only applies in Scotland,”

Amazingly I did though manage to find a Murphy quote I was in complete agreement with, so had to read it several times just to be sure I hadn’t misunderstood, when Murphy said:

“…if all you do is stand in the quick sand of criticism you sink. Sometimes all of us in the Scottish Labour Party in the recent past have done that.”

Yes, Jim, you did and your party continues to do so. That’s what happens when you try to be all things to all people, promise anything and deliver nothing; you sink. Once again like Groundhog Day, they are attempting to secure the buy-in of an electorate they deem gullible, and yet again with the disgusting help of a compliant press. Grandiose talk of a constitutional change is complete hyperbole and the reality is closer to a meaningless and scribbled polemic on the back of a fag packet.  You would be as well believing in Santa Clause than this clause 4 drivel.