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The only thing Donnie and Raymond love as much as food is eating out. These guys love great food, good service and, whenever possible, a lovely dining atmosphere. But it takes more than a hot meal to get a thumbs up from this duo. “We also love a bargain and we don’t believe that good food has to be complicated or expensive,” say Donnie and Raymond. “We’re always looking for new places to visit.”

Boys Eat Scotland is unique food review blog you can trust because it’s fully independent. This grub-loving team decide where they’ll eat and pay for their own meals, so they aren’t obligated to appease advertisers or editors.

boys2But what we love the most about The Boys Eat Scotland are its details, including big, colourful photographs of the facilities and surrounding areas, as well as the meals themselves.

Reading the reviews feels a lot like getting an email from a close friend and instantly feeling a slight pang that you’re not with them enjoying a brown crab terrine served on ripe tomato soup or a Highland game casserole and a side of pearl barley risotto tossed with Scottish smoked salmon.


“As we travel Scotland and beyond we can’t wait to share with you our foodie experiences, whether it be drinks and bar snacks, lunch, afternoon tea, casual pub grub or dinner in one of our top restaurants,” say Donnie and Raymond.”We’re partners in life, business and crime. (OK, not really crime). Donnie is a highlander who has come to live in Edinburgh and Raymond is from the Carse of Gowrie in Perthshire, famous for its wonderful soft fruits. We used to own a food shop/deli in Edinburgh which we purchased after checking out of corporate life 7 years ago. We’re currently blogging away, making tablet, and recently joined the gym (too much eating) until we decide what to do next in life.”


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