Tomorrow will see the SNP, Plaid Cymru and Green Party join forces by using their ‘opposition day’ opportunity to force a timely and topical debate on Trident renewal.

The debate will centre around the question of whether we waste a cool £100 billion to supplement a nuclear capability that is already provided from the NATO umbrella of which the UK is a member, or divert that money to tackle the real economic and social issues currently affecting the life of all citizens. Paul Mason recently wrote a decent article on the defence budget being spent on ‘real’ rather than ‘imagined’ threats. The SNP party spokesperson on defence and foreign affairs commented:

Apart from the massive hundred billion pounds we will have to fork out to pay for these weapons of mass destruction – they will be based on the Clyde half an hour from Scotland’s biggest population centres for the next 50 years – something that civic Scotland, churches, trades unions and the majority of all Scotland’s elected representatives are completely opposed to – but Westminster won’t listen.”

For me it is a no brainer as they say, but everyone is entitled to come to their own reasoning on the matter. However, given that many millions have already been wasted on procuring the missile tubes as part of the collaborative Common Missile Compartment project with the US of the new nuclear submarines, there is something if an inevitability about the vote. In fact, I predict that many unionist MPs will flout their democratic responsibility on this vital issue and not bother turning up.

Apparently, North Korea who are constantly demonised in the press are an increasing nuclear threat and government mouthpiece the BBC have recently strongly hinted and misreported that Iran have nuclear weapons capabilities and quelle surprise, a sprinkling of Ukraine is thrown in for good measure. When the establishment spouts lies and exaggeration, this tends to mean 2 things.

  • They have no basis in fact for their claims of why this ‘deterrent’ is required
  • They have a hidden agenda at play

In the simplest terms, my opinion is the system is a complete misuse of vital funding and MPs voting in favour are under instruction of people who will profit through links to arms manufactures

SNP MP and Feng Shui expert for Perth and North Perthshire Pete Wishart advised in Parliament:

For Tuesday’s debate on Trident renewal, would it be an idea to reorganise the furniture of the House, so that we have the Westminster establishment parties of Tory and Labour on one side arguing the case for £100 billion to be spent on Trident while indulging in austerity, and the progressive alliance of Greens, Scottish National party and Plaid Cymru on the other proving the case for why that money should be spent not on weapons of mass destruction but on social programmes?”

This will most likely be the only parliamentary debate to take place on this divisive subject in advance of the general election in May, so voters will be watching this one closely. The Red and Blue Tories have already voiced support for renewing Trident, so their reasoning of this being a good use of public funding will be eagerly awaited especially against the backdrop of devastating austerity measures kicking in.

Be in no doubt should this programme be voted through as expected, the obscene financial implications will be at the direct cost of properly funding vital public services that make a difference to every day lives. We will follow up after the event to see which way individuals voted, how they contributed or if indeed they turned up at all.