Google Sheep View is a funky hobby website founded by Ding Ren, a photographer and professor based in Washington state, and Mike Karabinos, a archival theorist and musician in Amsterdam.

tumblr_o9t5dfaf921uveg1do1_1280“We started this project in 2015 because it was the year of the sheep and because we enjoy the sheep view when riding trains in the Netherlands,” say Ren and Karabinos. “We also started this project to dedicate it to a particular sheep of the Zwartbles breed.”

tumblr_o88ntro2xy1uveg1do1_1280The site relies on submissions from Google map users around the globe. Participants are encouraged to find images of sheep captured using Google’s Street View, a feature found inside Google Maps.

tumblr_o87psb4fwq1uveg1do1_1280While it may seem that these images would be rare or difficult to find, the site must have close to a thousand images in its archive.

tumblr_oejuvgynfn1uveg1do1_1280This is a fantastic site for children, too, and a wonderful activity for families. If you want to be a Sheepspotter or just want to see more awesome images, visit Google Sheep View