With many an SNP hustings taking place around the country and voting having started in some constituencies, I’ve decided to back a few individuals I believe could take on their Westminster counterparts. We have 6 outstanding servants there at the moment and I urge members to use their vote wisely, in what will be absolutely a vital role for those privileged enough to get this tough gig.

Firstly, my own local Livingston hustings provided 5 undoubtedly able candidates, who conveyed quality and passion in abundance. Having listned to the 5 convincing pitches, I was left in no doubt that Cllr Greg McCarra would get my vote.

Undoubtedly, Greg would prove to be an incredible weapon to send to London on our behalf. He is clearly an energetic and confident individual with an incredible arsenal of knowledge at his disposal. He is a former election agent for Angela Constance and also easily relates to Greens, SSP and pro-Indy organisations. I believe he would defeat the current very poor Labour MP Graeme Morrice, who just voted for the most severe austerity measures in the history of the nation to be inflicted upon us.

I note Cllr McCarra just sent this letter to the West Lothian Courier, expecting it not to get printed, so I’ll print it here instead.


Livingston MP, Graeme Morrice voted for Tory austerity cuts last night (13 January) in a Westminster debate. The people of this constituency have repeatedly rejected Tories – whether blue or red – and they will have their chance to change their representative in the May General Election. I hope they take that chance, for their sake of their community and our future wellbeing.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Greg McCarra

SNP Potential Candidate for Livingston”

You can find out more about Cllr Greg McCarra and his pitch here.

Next up is John Clark who is seeking nomination to be SNP candidate for Paisley & Renfrewshire North. What I like about John is that he sticks his head above the parapet. Holding people to account and getting the best deal possible for Scotland, is what we will expect from our representatives. That is exactly what John is all about. One only has to take a look at his most recent endeavours.

John is behind the Hands Off Renfrew Town Hall campaign that we highlighted recently on Scottish Statesman and you can still sign the petition to help block the planned Labour amenity transfer.  John says:

September’s Referendum result means it is now more important than ever that our party, the Scottish National Party, the party of Scotland, wins this Westminster Constituency.

The Labour Party cannot be trusted to ensure complete delivery of the more powers that the people of Scotland now demand. It is extremely important that we win this Constituency and make sure the wishes of the people of Renfrewshire are properly represented in London. I firmly believe we can and will win in Paisley & Renfrewshire North”

You can find out more about John Clark and his pitch here.

The next vote of confidence goes to our very own resident Scottish Statesman columnist Cllr Alasdair Rankin. He is a candidate for the Edinburgh West constituency and by all accounts had an excellent hustings at Edinburgh’s Munro Centre last Friday. A talented graduate of Dundee, Strathclyde and Glasgow universities, you can see how confident Alasdair in a video in place to support the previous council campaign in 2012.  Alasdair says:

I believe I offer a range of aptitudes and experience that would make me a strong candidate through the campaign and that will be valuable in an SNP Member at Westminster.”

Following the referendum, the primary role of the SNP Group at Westminster will be to gain a substantial, coherent set of economic and wider powers for Scotland. The Smith Commission proposals come nowhere near that. Worse, the proposed powers will actually cause financial problems for any Scottish Government.”

You can find out more about Cllr Alasdair Rankin and his pitch here.

Last but not least is indie heroine and Women For Independence campaigner Dr. Philippa Whitford, who is a candidate for Central Ayrshire. Philippa has stepped up to the plate following her passionate referendum campaigning, especially in defence of the health and well-being of all our citizens which is her area of expertise, and to protect the NHS against privatisation.  One endorsement from a local constituent said:

After listening to all the candidates during recent Hustings, Philippa wholeheartedly has my support: her strong principals, inspirational presentations, clear values and her appeal to the electorate is second to none. She was an excellent ambassador for Women for Independence and will run a creditable and robust campaign for the SNP.”

I also see that my friends over at Scot Goes Pop have Philippa pencilled in already for Work and Pensions Secretary, so I guess she has to win! With her experience as a surgeon, Philippa will posses real specialist knowledge of the health sector that will be an asset in Westminster.

You can find out more about Dr. Philippa.Whitford and her pitch here.

One other recent member of the SNP who I would like to see stand as a candidate is Aamer Anwer who has the potential to be a Westminster big hitter. It really is heartening though, to see the multitude of talent coming forward in Scotland, and it convinces me that independence is inevitable and pending. Roll on May.