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Kristine Flaherty – also known as K.Flay.

I kick off my playlist this month with Kristine Flaherty, more widely known as K.Flay, a Chicago-born rapper who first discovered her song-writing talent while she was a freshmen at Stanford University. Her new single FML is about the party life and inevitable, regrettable morning-after hangovers: “I’m living out my dreams like every night, I love my life. But when I open up my blurry eyes, it’s not as nice. Fuck my life…” Kristine holds dual degrees in psychology and sociology from Stanford University.

My other selections include:

The Overcoats: A female duo from New York who released their first EP last June. Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell wear their creativity like an “overcoat” that covers them in a protective layer of art and music.


DVSN: This is the Canadian R&B duo that caused quite a stir when they release their first songs last year. And, to be honest, they’re still very much a mystery to me. However, I do know the team consists of Daniel Daley and Paul Jefferies (who goes by the name Nineteen85).

Luna Shadows is a Los Angeles-based singer/writer/producer who writes, performs, edits and produces her own music. She creates her work in garages, bedrooms and “under the palm trees of Echo Park.”

Hailing from Oslo, Bearson (Jakob) hit the scene last year and took the internet by storm with his powerful and wildly popular sound. He’s known to attract a frenzy of listeners every time he uploads a new release.

Glades is an alternative pop band from Sydney, Australia. Members include Karina Wykes, Cam Robertson & Joey Wenceslao. I’m loving Mt Eden’s remix of their track Drive.

I’ve decided that Mouthe is the band most likely to enter your next party via a wormhole that spontaneously appears in your living room. I’ve no idea what inspired them to write their new release Hallelujah, but I love it just the same. It’s a sound unlike anything I’ve heard before. Perhaps German Soundcloud user FuFrey describes it best: “This is food for drugs<3.”

Although California pop band Echosmith has been churning out great music since 2009, I have a feeling these four young siblings (Graham 17, Sydney 19 , Noah 20, and Jamie 23) will be expanding and deepening their unique sound as they enter their 20s.

August and After
August and After

French producer Jonathan Lefèvre-Reich brings us the début album of UK trio August and After. Ned and Vedantha first met at Cambridge and later moved to London where they met Jordan and formed the band. Their mutual passion for music comes alive in their mesmerizingly haunting tracks.

Represented by Asmara Records, Woman is a four-person band that formed in Germany in 2012. Fever is their debut EP.

London-based Culkiin delivers a smashing pop/house sound with his debut single Head. I love his sound and scoured the internet hunting for samples of his earlier work, but no luck yet.

Founded last April, Miamigo is a British band blending up a warm, rich blend of pop that’s so catchy it’ll keep you so busy dancing that no one will ever know you’re crying on the inside.

Saya is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada and Wet Dreams is her debut EP.

Raleigh Ritchie’s real name is Jacob Anderson and he’s also an actor. Born and raised in Bristol, Ritchie moved to London when he was 17 in order to pursue his music career.


Whitney is a band from Chicago and Portland. Their debut album Light Upon The Lake is coming out in June.

Brett is a four-man band from Washington, D.C.

LaVoy is one of the few recent bands to break out of Alaska. Hailing from Wasilla in the Matanuska Valley, the UK got its first taste of LaVoy when it used webcams to broadcast from Alaska’s iconic Chilkoot Charlie’s bar to a live concert in Manchester, England on May 5, 2013. The feat required two technical crews in two countries and, according to Mike Gordon (the founder and owner of Chilkoot Charlie’s) the 10 A.M. concert was the earliest hour any band ever played in his building. However, the early start was the only way to reach the UK’s evening crowd. I was happy to be a part of organizing this event and to be present during broadcast, albeit with a mug of coffee and not a drink!

The Blue Square Project is an Athens-based team created by Radim and Radical, two producers having fun exploring musical boundaries.

Melentini currently lives in Germany and is a Greek musician singer-songwriter as well as the vocalist of the electronic band Sequence Theory Project. She’s also the founder of the Running Blue Orchestra. Among her many projects, Melentini often composes for films and theatrical plays.