Designed by Brenda and Robert Vale and constructed in 1998, the Hockerton Housing Project is more than 25 years old. Located in North Nottingham, it was the UK’s first earth sheltered, self sufficient, ecological housing development.

The Hockerton houses are buried partly into the earth for the best insulation and were designed with no mechanical heating system. The houses rely on energy from the human body, household appliances and the sun for heat generation. However, Hockerton is more than just a terrace of eco-houses, this development was conceived as a true sustainable community.
Underground-Structure-1Today the residents continue to live in harmony with the environment. They grow their own food on the surrounding grounds and collect water from the rain. Sewage is treated using reed beds in the community lake and electricity is generated using PV panels and wind turbines. The community shares one car between 25 families, preferring pedal power to commute to and from work.

The world hasn’t seen many developments such as this catch on, but the Hockerton Housing Project is built on sound principles of sustainable low energy design and has, without doubt, influenced many projects throughout the world.

You can learn more about the project HERE.