Window Walking by LM Bruce

Edinburgh Hobbit’s Playlist | December 2012

Featuring: High Tyde | The Mouth of Ghosts | The Uncanny Valley | Trees of Maine | Angel Olsen | Sondra Sun-Odean | Dragon Inn 3 | So Cow | Paradise | The Soft Moon | Formes | Chad Valley | Dolfish | Ending People | Face of Man | Flashlights | Hitchcock Blonde | Dr. Dog | Thieves | Mogwai | Mojo Waves | Silicon Ballet | Freelance Whales | Split Screens | Amsterdams | Team Ghost

NOTE: We do not sell, distribute or allow music to be downloaded from our site. Please don’t ask! Our playlist is a collection of the sounds we love and many of the artists are not yet discovered. If you find something you like, we encourage you to purchase a copy directly from them or their distributors.

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