Edinburgh Hobbit’s Playlist | July 2013

Night Windows by LM Bruce

Featuring: Beams | Morals | Young Readers | Constructin & Destruction | Nadine Shah | Eli Mardock | Tele Novella | Haim | Camera Obscura | The Impossible Girl | Midnight Faces | Beach | Surf City | The Petticoat Tearoom | Statistics | Tallahassee | Paper Lions | Fialta | Matt Mays | Kyle Andrews | Xenia Dunford | Desert Stars | Ciano and Stefano Fasciani

NOTE: We do not sell, distribute or allow music to be downloaded from our site. Please don’t ask! Our playlist is a collection of the sounds we love and many of the artists are not yet discovered. If you find something you like, we encourage you to purchase a copy directly from them or their distributors.

Be My Brother
Holding On
Nineteen Ninety Nine
Far From Your Arms
The World Is Yours
Take It On Faith
With the Bears
Love Isn't Gone
The Way To Wonder
Everything Happens for the First Time
Dreary Town
Fix You Good
Old Brown Shoes
Fifth In Line To The Throne
Falling (Leonard Friend Remix)
Taxi Driver (Yellow Cab Mix)
Its A Common Life
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