Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) led by Prof. Roland Siegwart, is on a mission to create robots and intelligent systems that are able to autonomously operate in complex and diverse environments.

“We are interested in the mechatronic design and control of systems that autonomously adapt to different situations and cope with our uncertain and dynamic daily environment. We are fascinated by novel robot concepts that are best adapted for acting on the ground, in the air and in the water,” states Siegwart. “We are furthermore keen to give them the intelligence to autonomously navigate in challenging environments. This includes novel methods and tools for perception, abstraction, mapping and path planning.”

In the video below, two robots work together to share abilities and remain connected to each other during a joint mission. When necessary, the drone launches from the back of robotic dog to grab a better view of the surroundings and any dangers the robot dog cannot otherwise see. When it determines the coast is clear, the drone easily docks itself again so the team can continue its journey.