German digital artist Aram Bartholl started the Dead Drops Project in New York City in 2010 and now the idea of implanting public USB drives into random walls and buildings has gone global.

It’s easy (and completely irresistible) to participate. The concept is simple — locate a Dead Drop and connect to it using any compatible device to copy and read a collection of random files shared by strangers. What will you find on the USB? Well, it’s possible to find just about anything, so you’ll want to have a good anti-virus scan the contents before you open them. But so far users of Dead Drops claim it’s safe and other than the random x-rated photo, users mostly upload inspiring or uplifting media, including personal information or pictures of themselves, poetry, recipes, instructions, random deep thoughts and so much more.

Every Dead Drop is different and constantly changing. What you find on a Dead Drop today might be completely erased and over written an hour later. The blissful randomness is what makes it so fantastic!

Click here to check out the  database of Dead Drops.